About me

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Well, where to start?

I am a middle aged High School Auto Mechanics teacher here in Ottawa Ontario and I have been riding and repairing motorcycles for 23 years.

II waI have owned a total of 13 motorcycles and atv's throughout this time, most have been fixer uppers.

I am a licenced Auto Mechanic by trade. I have been teaching High School Autoshop for the last 5 years here in Ottawa Ontario ,which is a nice break from being in the trade since 1986.  I got my my first motorcycle at the age of 15, it was a 1975 Can Am TNT250 with a broken kickstart and it was true love with motorcycles from there.

Although the lure of the latest high performance cutting edge shiny new machine on the showroom floor has always mesmerized me, I have never really been overwhelmed to the point of purchase. I seem to get drawn to the mechanical challenge of that poor dusty and rusty motorcyle  neglected in some guys garage, just waiting to be cleaned and fixed up a little and brought back to life. I mostly just stumbled apon the majority  of the  bikes that I have owned in this way. Most of my riding buddies have shiny new mounts and are relatively tinker free. I prefer a little tinkering, a little message of the motorcycles soul if you will. I think it just brings me a little closer to the machine. Some dirt on the hands, the slight smell of gasoline on the old jeans and t- shirt while I sit out in the sun on an upturned milkcrate in my driveway or my shop tinkering with a bike while sipping on a beer or coffee.. This website is for those type off people, The tinkerers, the greasy nuckled do it your selfer who disassemble, clean and repair crap on their bike just cuz the mood hits em.

Here's to the ride