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The fun has just begun to mate the Yamaha Radian to a Honda 919 and Suzuki GS500  !!!

I don't know where I got the idea. it just sort of happened while surfing ebay. Why not renew the looks of my Radian with something a bit more modern? So I picked up a Honda 919 severely damaged tank from a wreck, a Suzuki GS500 tail section and seat from a do it yourself refinishing project gone bad ,mixed in with some old parts lying around the shop. What you see in the following pictures is the process . I first removed all the body work then proceeded to cut off the rear portion of the frame supporting the seat and rear shocks.

Rear of frame chopped off

Pulling dents and prepping the 919 tank for paint

Gauging ride height

Matte Gun metal paint on finished product

Picture of tank from ebay
11 dents total

Lots of work yet to do

Some chopped off parts
rear air filter housing chopped off

Trial and error with ride height
discarded direct shock prototype