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My 1986 Yamaha YX600 Radian pictured below was acquired for next to nothing. At the time of purchase it had a faded and dented tank and paint, ripped and cracked seat,rusted mirrors.bent handlebars,flat tires,siezed chain,broken tach,rusted out exhaust collector,paint flaked off of the engines cooling fins,dead battery,clogged fuel petcock,seized clutch cable and a number of annoying and never ending little electrical quirks. I have a fair amount of general mechanical knowledge but would not have been able to figure these problems out so easily without the help and support from the members at the Yahoo Radian Group Forum. These folks offer an infinite amount of Radian knowledge and experiences, especially group member Derek Capito who is the true Radian GURU.
If you have not already ,please check out the link to both the Radian forum and Derek's performance motorcycle shop MOTOLAB on my favorites page.

My Rad after many mods but still looking stock

Finally Installed the rear footpegs ! Sep 2006

This is a stock  can from a 2003 R6. The catalytic has been removed from the inside along with most of the baffles and the can has  been shortened about 5 inches before re riveting the end back into place. It is fitted to a header pipe from an 86 FZ600 which  fit easily once the centrestand and part of its mount is removed.


Under seat shot with shorter battery

still some tidying up to do

Fabricated linkage

Swing arm is reinforced with 3/16 metal plate

Petcock fabricated to fit in place of fuel pump

Round Headlight with small signals bugs and all!!!
Matte black finish used throughout bike

close up of rear tank and shock mount
Fabricated air intake with single K+N